Group classes and private sessions

Group Classes

Group matwork classes are kept small in size (a maximum of ten people per class) to ensure the implementation of proper technique.  This also allows for alternative exercises to be given to individuals where necessary.

In each move, you will be closely monitored by your teacher and encouraged to achieve the maximum benefit from each exercise - be it for strengthening an area or perhaps letting go of unnecessary tension.

Group matwork classes are held in The Pilates Studio MK, St Botolph's Church in the beautiful village of Aspley Guise, 15 minutes drive from anywhere in Milton Keynes.  The Studio is fully equipped from the full length body mats to all the equipment which can be used (physio balls, foam rollers, magic circles etc).

Private Sessions

An individual programme is designed to meet your needs from overcoming an injury to simply desiring a well toned body.

Private sessions can be matwork based or encompass the use of the larger pieces of studio equipment.  These include the Reformer and the Cadillac machine.

Private sessions can be taken at either The Pilates Studio MK or at The Pilates Space and your private session will be exactly that.  No other lessons will be running at the same time so the studio is exclusively yours for the duration of the session.

The Pilates Space is in Giffard Park, Milton Keynes


Both venues have a peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere - and offer an escape from the frantic pace of everyday life.

Caron aims for a "quality not quantity" approach in the size & frequency of classes and venues.  This ensures that the personal touch is not lost as can happen in larger class environments.